Connecting Physics Final V2

VvTP Study Tour 2016

In July 2016  the association of Applied Physics (VvTP) of Delft University of Technology will organise a study tour for its students. The tour will take us to the cities Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Singapore and the country Malaysia. We will visit a great variety of businesses, research centres and universities. Aside from this, there will be the opportunity to explore the destinations on a cultural level. The group consists of about 30 students in their master or late bachelor phase, who are thus keen to have a look inside companies where they might work after their graduation. Also two professors of our faculty will be joining.

This years theme is Connecting Physics, the essential link between science and society. On this study tour, we will try to set the physics in a wider perspective by making a link to the society.  The exact dates of the study tour are not yet fixed but will be between July 3 and July 31.

Prior to the study tour a preliminary study program will be held. Each participant will do a case of 80 hours. We are also planning inhouse days and lectures. To get to know your fellow participants, some social activities before the start of the study tour will be organised as well.

If you want to see our promotional video in which we reveal our destination and theme, see the video below!

logo NNV voor drukwerk